Tom White – A Pioneer in the Industry

During his early years at Highland Pharmacy, Tom started and developed Highland’s complete hormone and compounding program, including protocols, formulations and educational materials that were unique to the industry at that time (now standard in the industry)! Tom is a pioneer in the field of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

Facts of Aging: By current estimates, we are all living longer. The percentage of the elderly population to total population continues to rise, promising an impending challenge and significant effect on the health care system. The symptoms of aging whether it be “menopause” for women or “andropause” for men has revived and stimulated the old notion of practicing preventive medicine. The ever growing field of anti-aging medicine is suggesting that supporting the endocrine system as we age might be very beneficial. Maintaining some form of hormone balance through the replenishment of hormones levels which our bodies no longer enjoy seems to be fundamental to the practice of comprehensive preventative medicine. As we approach 50, almost all hormone levels start to change or drop – usually never to be restored unless we supplement.

Exactly what is Compounding?  Compounding is the practice of ancient traditional pharmacy.  It is the heritage of pharmacy.  A compounded prescription is defined as the combination of 2 or more ingredients when combined is intended to elicit a medicinal or therapeutic effect.  The preparation must be safe (do no harm), prepared to the specification of the prescribing practitioner using only USP, FDA approved ingredients.  The compound must be free of contamination, have a specified stability, maintain a high level of pharmaceutical elegance (would you use the product yourself), packaged and stored correctly, address the issue of efficacy and be prepared in a pharmacy laboratory compliant with US 795 and 797 guidelines.  These are a few of the issues and concerns that we as compounding pharmacists face with each formulation.  We continue to improve and strive for perfection in the formulations we dispense.  It is very important to your health to understand and know the capability of your compounding pharmacist.

Why Compound?  Without compounding the modern world of medicine in the United States as we know it today would not exist. Millions of compounded prescriptions are prepared each day by pharmacists in the US.  Are you allergic to preservatives, dyes, or possibly require a special dosage or delivery system not available in commercial pharmaceuticals?  Is the preparation your practitioner wants to prescribe not commercially available?  Is the commercial product you were using no longer available?  These are just a few of the reasons why as exceptional compounding pharmacist can be extremely helpful

*Pharmacist Clinician: Tom is a pharmacist clinician (granted by both the Board of Pharmacy and the Medical Board). As such, he has prescriptive authority and can access patient’s needs and write appropriate prescriptions within an approved scope of practice, including: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, topical anti-aging preparations, (such as Retin A), Hydroquinone (Bleach Creams), anti-wrinkle, anti-aging preparations and other skin preserving preparations, topical pain gels and creams and more. The team at TW Wellness is here to help practitioners fulfill the unique needs of their patients, and we refer frequently to practitioners in the community for a wide variety of services.

*A Pharmacist Clinician by definition and legislated in the state of New Mexico, Montana, and North Carolina is considered a mid-level primary care practitioner.

Beauty, Warmth & Function: TW Wellness is located at 8225 4th Street NW. The building is a unique blending of traditional New Mexico architecture with a modern medical facility. Once inside, you will enjoy a relaxed, confident and professional atmosphere. “My intent is for every person who enters to walk out with a plan; a sense of direction, a referral, an idea…something that will give them hope in their challenge for better health.”

TW Wellness boasts a state of the art compounding pharmacy laboratory with the capability of preparing almost any formulation for the patient from the simplest to the more complex high risk sterile preparations. The laboratory was specially designed and built for efficiency and productivity and is 100 percent compliant with both USP 795 non-sterile and 797 sterile preparation guidelines.

Highest Quality Products: Our dermatological skin care products provide anti-aging properties at their best. Tom is a nationally known compounding pharmacist, and networks with many professional organizations, individuals and pharmaceutical companies throughout the United States in order to provide the highest quality active ingredients in all of his compounded preparations.  The ingredients used have been double and triple tested for content, contamination and purity. And, we strive to deliver compounded products which meet or exceed the highest of standards to ensure: quality, efficacy, stability, purity, pharmaceutical elegance and batch to batch consistency.

Experience Counts: With over 35 years of pharmacy compounding experience, Tom White provides comprehensive health solutions using state of the art techniques with the highest quality formulations. He is licensed in several states to provide compounded pharmaceutical preparations outside the boundaries of New Mexico.

My goal is to hear, “I don’t know what I would do without this unique formula. It’s perfect for me.”

TW Wellness, 8225 4th Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114    505-717-2342