About Tom


Hello, I’m Tom White, a native New Mexican. I have lived in Albuquerque all my life and graduated from the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy in 1973. My career has taken me through several disciplines of pharmacy including retail, hospital, institutional, and research.

During my four year internship at the VA Hospital in 1969, I was introduced to the art of compounding. I was intrigued, impressed, and quickly understood the value of pharmaceutical compounding as a necessity for the delivery of proper healthcare.

For the last 30 years I have focused on the discipline of pharmaceutical compounding, specializing in Bio-Identical hormones and hormone replacement for both men and women. During the early developmental years I established protocols, designed products, and created educational programs in hormone therapy for both patients and medical practitioners. I am considered a pioneer in the area of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT).



Pharmacist Clinician

As a Pharmacist Clinician in the State of New Mexico, I am licensed by both the NM Board of Pharmacy and the NM Medical Board. I have prescriptive authority to see patients and write prescriptions for therapy within my approved scope of practice. This includes Hormone Therapy for both men and women, all forms of topical Anti-Aging preparations, mold identification and treatment, topical pain treatment, extensive labs, and more.

What Makes us Different?

My program is designed to be a teaching and learning experience for the patient. My BHRT program focuses on the patient and includes an extensive lab work-up and an initial consultation for approximately two hours. This allows us to review the laboratory results and develop a specific plan for the patient’s better health. We continue to monitor progress with additional lab tests and routine follow up appointments.

Patients outside my geographical area who cannot travel to Albuquerque have their labs done at an approved facility. Our initial consult is done online using my video conference room.

Most of my patients say that my program has been an extremely rewarding experience.  Never before have they learned so much!

Allow me to become a “partner for your better health.” I promise you, this will be the experience of a lifetime!