Tom White's Wellness Program

  • A once a year annual fee which covers all, unlimited, office visits and phone conversations
  • The first visit is a 2 hour consult to get to know and understand you and your medical concerns. You
    and I will look at each and every lab result to give you an idea what it means and what can be done to correct if needed.
  • Once you and I have gone over the labs and I understand all your symptoms and concerns, I will develop a plan and write the appropriate prescriptions for your therapy.
  • The majority of your prescriptions will be filled by TW Wellness pharmacy and will be ready for you at the
    conclusion of your consult.

I anticipate good results with all of my prescribed compounded hormone preparations. If adjustments are necessary they will be at no charge.

All supplements are discounted 10% and you get ONE free when you purchase THREE of the same kind of supplement.