Understanding Men’s Issues: Testosterone & Andropause (Part 3)

Testosterone (T) is considered the hormone of “DESIRE” for both women and men. As I mentioned in the last article, it only takes a small amount of T in women to have an adequate response, but it takes a much larger amount of T to have a beneficial effect in men.


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Understanding Men’s Issues: Testosterone & Andropause (Part 2)

I know from experience (as both an aging adult and from research in the Anti-Aging arena) that hormone balance can play a key role in our physical as well as our psychological well being.

This article will be devoted to a better understanding about Testosterone’s role in both Men and Women.

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Understanding Men’s Issues: Testosterone & Andropause

TESTOSTERONE is considered to be the hormone of desire. This article as well as several to follow will be devoted to TESTOSTERONE (T) and its incredible health benefits for both men and women. Historically there has been more research devoted to the effects of testosterone in women, than research on the effects of testosterone in a man’s body. Some of this research with women started back in the early 1940’s. This probably has something to do with man’s constant curiosity and fascination with women. It hasn’t been until recent years that “T” has become of worldwide interest to most men, especially to the aging adult male.

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Stress… How It Affects Our Lives and Hormone Balance (Part 2)

Understanding that everything seems to be a stressor, which affects hormone balance, which affects thyroid balance, which affects almost every major thing that happens or doesn’t happen in our bodies, one starts to wonder “where do I stand”. Stress is something that I don’t think most people completely understand. In my many consults with patients, regardless of the type and origin, stress has become a major topic of discussion.

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Stress… How It Affects Our Lives and Hormone Balance

“I’m all stressed out”. How many times have we heard this expression in our lives? Has this become such a common remark that we forget to really understand what it means? More than likely, it is overstated, but maybe not. I don’t think we understand how much stress we all have in our lives. We have become very accustomed to daily stress and in most cases have been forced to adapt to stress even in the most extreme cases. STRESS HAS BECOME A WAY OF LIFE.

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Tom White – A Pioneer in the Industry

During his early years at Highland Pharmacy, Tom started and developed Highland’s complete hormone and compounding program, including protocols, formulations and educational materials that were unique to the industry at that time (now standard in the industry)! Tom is a pioneer in the field of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

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